the night

in the night’s sultry heat
with ciccada’s grinding beat
and the stars glimmering high

the meaning of your words
they’re the sweetest ever heard
echo through me with a sigh

sending thoughts up with the fireflies
of you and I

ancient trees, they guard us
mossy bedding beneath us
not wanting to say goodbye

for our nights fill our minds
will they always help us find
when our love vowed not to die

sending thoughts up with the fireflies
of you and I


Return to yourself
To who you’ve always known you are
Forget the ones who turned you
And left you feeling sour

Embrace your true self
Only you can find the way
Remember all your dreams
And let them fill your days

The thrill of the rising sun
Each day has such potential
Excitement for what’s to come
Every moment is special

And trust in yourself
You’ve always known the answers
True happiness is right there
Looking back from the mirror

Return to yourself
Recapture deep inside you
All that you have been missing
And again it will seem true

The thrill of the rising sun
Each day is a beginning
Excitement for what’s ahead
It’s time to begin living

We’re Alright

oh we’re alright

the crazies can talk their talk
but they can’t touch us with their lies
we’re the ones who walk the walk
we spread truth and it’s no surprise

that we’re alright

we shrug them off and just keep going
seek like minds and look for new ways
got a hunch our brilliance is showing
gonna get us all through the haze

’cause we’re alright

every day is new
can you feel it, too?
we can change reality
we will with certainty

yeah, we’re alright


I hear this song sung by one person but with the lines in parenthesis altered somehow….? Change things up as you want, edit, whatever.

Whispers no one hears
(you stopped listening)
Alone with all my fears
(maybe you never heard)
Dreams can disappear
(consumed by your thoughts)
Feels like no one’s near

You checked out long ago
When or how it doesn’t matter
You blocked me out, that’s clear
As if your your eardrums would shatter
If you would only hear

Alone in the dark
(I feel so vacant)
Missing light and spark
(you are not the same)
Words have missed their mark
(I will be quiet)
The night is so damn dark

You checked out long ago
When or how, it doesn’t matter
You blocked me, that’s clear
As if your eardrums would shatter
If you would only hear

When will morning break?
I listen for sounds
That my joy creates
Will love speak to me?
This can’t be my fate
I won’t be alone
But hear me, it’s too late
(whispered)…for us

Pay it forward (?)

If we’d turn and face the past
Remember who had our backs
Recall the people in all the places
Who have helped us on our path

We’d want to reach out, shout out
Make certain they realize
We know how and when
They changed our lives

Let’s reconnect and say
Thanks for caring
Thanks for being there
Thanks for sharing

You made a difference
Gave of yourself
Gave me a chance
Gave so much help

Some people we’ll never forget
Every time they cross our minds
We’ll send out positive vibes
We’ll give back positive vibes

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