Our song this week is written by sublime songstress and long time Songs on Sunday collaborator, Shannon Fayth.  Shannon’s offerings to our sessions have always been some of the highlights and this track is no exception

Shannon has perfectly crafted this song in a way which showcases her incredible, soulful voice, supported by a deep deep groove supplied by our talented instrumental collaborators.  THIS is what this project is all about.

This song was first inspired by my best friend moving to California. I was a bit devastated. When it comes to friendship once I’m in that’s it, I’m in. The verses are about past conflict and learning what being a good friend is all about, the pre-choruses are about my good friend moving, and the choruses are about knowing that no matter how far away, or how long the time lapses, it doesn’t really matter; if there is love, then there always will be. I guess I just missed my friend so I wrote a song,  to put it simply.

Vocals: Shannon Fayth
Backing Vocals: Jordan Woods-Robinson and Shannon Fayth
Guitars: David Traver
Solo: David Traver
Bass: David Traver
Rhodes; David Traver
B3: David Traver
Horns: David Traver
Guitar: Colin Robinson
Drums: Colin Robinson
Mixed By: Colin Robinson

Songs On Sunday is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, vocalists, and engineers to write, recording, and produce a new song each week. If you would like to help keep this project alive and well (and keep hearing great music from today’s emerging songwriters), please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! – SOS

With thanks to Ryan Hoak for his support for this session.

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