Kyle Harden is the writer behind this week’s track.  He and mixer David Traver bring us a lilting, introspective composition which speaks to the strength of Kyle’s faith.  Take a listen and share it with your friends.

I started writing this song because a friend of my wife’s was staying over at our house who was fearing for her life. There was a lot of awful things happening to her that she had been fighting most of her life. I started to get angry. Not just for her, but just at fear in general. I picked the song back up after the shooting in Orlando. Fear was a very real thing. It still is. Being a person of faith, I hold on to God’s promises. It may seem silly to a lot of people but, with everything going on in the world, a little hope can go a long way.

Vocals: Kyle Harden
Spoken Word: Audrey Harden
Guitar: David Traver
Piano: David Traver
Keys: David Traver
Violin: Jordan Woods-Robinson
Bass: David Traver
Drums: Colin Robinson
Mixed By: David Traver

Songs On Sunday is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, vocalists, and engineers to write, recording, and produce a new song each week. If you would like to help keep this project alive and well (and keep hearing great music from today’s emerging songwriters), please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! – SOS

With thanks to Ryan Hoak for his support for this session.

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