I have been a fan of Kinky Rhino, Jeff Wright’s band, for a while now and knew that he had a good song in him for Songs on Sunday…he did not disappoint.  This week’s track is a killer rock tune with some fat guitars and a brilliant, driving rhythm section.  This tune will stick in your head for sure!  This is a double debut for Jeff and mixer Adam Petty and they have done a fantastic job.

This song is about chasing something that isn’t there. It’s about loving someone who doesn’t love you back or about craving a life that you’ve seen on tv. It’s about losing your humanity in the quest for something arbitrary. Most importantly, it’s about learning when to stop.

Vocals: David McLaughlin

Backing Vocals: Dan Carter

Guitar: David Traver

Bass: David Traver

Drums: Colin Robinson

Mixed By: Adam Petty

Songs On Sunday is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, vocalists, and engineers to write, recording, and produce a new song each week. If you would like to help keep this project alive and well (and keep hearing great music from today’s emerging songwriters), please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! – SOS

With thanks to Ryan Hoak for his support for this session.

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