This week our track is brought to you by none other than ‘yours truly’.  I was lucky enough to get some incredible collaborators to contribute to this lilting country tune and with the help of mixer Adam Petty I am incredibly pleased with the result.  I think you will be too.  Please take a listen and share with your friends

I had the idea for a song in this kind of style for a while. I came up with some chords a few weeks before the deadline for Songs on Sunday but despite the fact that I knew the tone and subject of what I wanted lyrically I couldn’t come up with anything.  I eventually ended up writing the lyrics in about 20 mins as I was recording the demo the day that the song had to be submitted.

I am so please with how the track turned out.  I am very grateful to Chris Reiss for laying down a pedal steel part.  I have never had that on any of my tracks before and it helped to give the song exactly the sound I was going for.  I think I was most pleased with the contribution from Laura Bowman. I had an idea of the kind of backing vocals I wanted and she took that inspiration and made it completely made it her own.  In my opinion she really elevated the track.  As always, the SOS team really came through; Colin Robinson’s drums really underpin the whole thing and give it the laid back swagger that I wanted and Adam Petty brought the whole thing together to bring out the best in each of our sounds.

Vocals: Dan Carter

Backing Vocals: Laura Bowman

Guitar: Dan Carter

Pedal Steel: Chris Reiss

Bass: Colin Robinson

Drums: Colin Robinson

Mixed By: Adam Petty

Songs On Sunday is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, vocalists, and engineers to write, recording, and produce a new song each week. If you would like to help keep this project alive and well (and keep hearing great music from today’s emerging songwriters), please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! – SOS
With thanks to Ryan Hoak for his support for this session.

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