We are so glad to have Laura Bowman’s writing talent and beautiful voice. is behind this week’s song.  It’s a catchy tune with a sharp lyrical edge and some cool ‘found object’ percussion.  David Traver returns to the mixing chair to bring it all together.  Take a listen and share it!

This summer I went through a very trying time of my life… I had a terrible unexpected breakup and I was really struggling to deal with it. A friend of mine suggested that, to get over it, I should write something. She wanted me to write my feelings down, without editing myself, about how I truly felt. It was just supposed to be something I made and threw away.

But as the words came, music also followed, and I was left with a song that I feel could be relatable to a lot of people.

So I recorded the song and sent it out, gathering opinions. I got so many positive reactions that I decided to make this my contribution to this round of Songs on Sunday.

This is a song about a person who has sacrificed for someone else, only to become the victim of the other someone’s ego.

In the end, I am stronger and wiser for the experience, and I hope this song offers some commiseration to others who may be going through the same thing!

Vocals: Laura Bowman

Backing Vocals: Jordan Woods-Robinson

Acoustic Guitar: Laura Bowman

Lead Guitar: David Traver

Bass: David Traver

Keyboard: David Traver

Percussion: Colin Robinson

Mixed By: David Traver

Songs On Sunday is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, vocalists, and engineers to write, recording, and produce a new song each week. If you would like to help keep this project alive and well (and keep hearing great music from today’s emerging songwriters), please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated! – SOS

With thanks to Ryan Hoak for his support for this session.

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